Friday, September 11, 2009

My Silence

Just so you know people, I haven't shut down, but I did shut up for a while. I took some heat for one of my posts and the usage of the word "ignorant". Yes, it is true that I offended some people; people that chose not to be in my life anymore because I used this word.

Let me be direct in saying that I meant ignorant in the sense of "unknowing", which is the truest meaning of the word. I don't take offense to this word usually, unless it's spat at me. I am ignorant about many, many things in life. I simply do not have information or knowledge about everything. Thus, I am an ignorant person as well.

Though my life's journey hasn't stopped, friendships sometimes do. I just wonder, if the word "ignorant" can undo the glue of a relationship, how strong was the glue?

It's an answer to prayer, nevertheless.

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